Urlmaps are the easiest way to get beautiful maps using just a url. Compose the url for the map you want and get an image (png) in return.


This type of map is called a colored map, or by its scientific name, a choropleth. These maps can be used for whatever purpose you like, for example to embed beautiful (static) maps in:

The urls consist of the base url https://urlmaps.com/ followed by the id of the map and (optional) params to define the map. All params are optional.

These urlmaps are heavily inspired by Image-Charts, a super-easy way of creating image charts.

If you don't believe it can be that easy, copy any of the example links from this page into your browser url bar, play around with the params and be amazed!

The simplest example is a plain map. In this case: the map of 48 US States with all the default settings.



Map dimensions determine the dimensions of the image that is returned. Dimensions are specified using the s-param. The format is [width]x[height] in pixels.

s600x400dimensions[width]x[height] in pixels (max 900x900)s=640x480
aarea specsarea specs, separated by | (pipe)a=nl:20|de:25|be:30
bgaadaffmap background colorcolor codebg=aadaff
ls0.3line sizefloating pointls=1
nzno zoomnz=1
ccolorone color to fill areasc=f07763
cpcolor paletteone or more colors separated by , (comma)cp=fff,000
rmpcolor rampramp start (optional) / end separated by , (comma)
dlshow data labelsdl=1
lflabel font0: Frutiger
1: Arial
2: Courier New
3: Georgia
4: Sans
5: Serif
6: Times New Roman
7: Trebuchet MS
8: Verdana
9: Palatino
lfslabel font sizelfs=20
lfclabel font colorlfc=fff

Area specs (a) supported formats

The a-param contains area specs, separated by | (pipe). However, the area spec may contain additional information about the area, e.g. color info or data value and label.

area specmeaningexample
[area code]display the areanl|de|be
[area code]:[code]display area and use [code] for coloringnl:20|de:25|be:30
[area code]:[code]:[label]same, but with area-specific labelnl:20:Netherlands|de:25:Germany|be:30:Belgium


By default, urlmaps are zoomed to fit the areas that are provided in the data (a-param). By using the nz-param the map can be forced to display in full.

zoomed map
zoomed map


Urlmaps support multiple ways of defining colors and linking colors to areas on the map:

Color codes are hexadecimal codes in RRGGBB-format.

Providing a color per area

Use this method to provide a handpicked color for specific areas.

Specify each color in the a-param with the area.


Using a color palette

Use a palette to fill areas on the map with colors from a preselected set of colors.

Provide the color palette using the cp-param. The colors in the palette should be comma-separated. Areas in the data get an index number that assigns them a color from the palette.


The nz-param disables zooming the colored areas (default).


Using a color ramp



Urlmaps supports two models:

Community Version (free)

  • Unlimited map generation
  • Community support

Pro Version (€ 29 / month)

  • Unlimited map generation
  • Priority support
  • Input on roadmap
  • No watermark

Contact info@urlmaps.com to obtain a pro subscription.